WOW Award

Wonderful Outstanding Worker

During the 2017-2018 Session Year, South Dakota Grand Chapter will recognize and honor members who have made voluntary achievements and contributions through and on behalf of the Order of the Eastern Star. The achievements and contributions must directly link to and promote their Chapter(s), Club, or Grand Chapter.


How does the WOW award program work?

Anyone can nominate an individual whose voluntary work or contributions have enriched their chapter or community and promoted our Order. Anyone who is a member in good standing of the Order of the Eastern Star within the jurisdiction of South Dakota is eligible to be nominated.


How to Nominate for a WOW award:

The nomination should include the following information:

  1. Full Name and address of the individual being nominated and their chapter;
  2. Nominator name, address, email address and telephone number;
  3. A written summary highlighting the achievements and contributions aligning with the WOW award requirements and how this service or contribution enriched their community and promoted our Order; and
  4. Recommendations should be submitted effective January 1, 2018 and postmarked NLT August 31, 2018 to:
    Pete (PGP) and Cathy Isaacs
    602 Westwind Dr
    Box Elder SD 57719


What does “through and on behalf of the Order of the Eastern Star” mean?

  • Voluntary work sets the standard of promoting the principals of our Order within our chapters and our communities.
  • Contributions, such as tangible goods, should contain signage directly linking the donation to our Order. Recommended signage would be a label or card displaying the OES logo that directly specifies the donation was made on behalf of a member, chapter, or club. **Please be sure to use the appropriate OES logo designated for Chapter use.


What are WOW voluntary achievements and contributions (tangible goods)?

Here are a few non-inclusive examples of voluntary achievements:

    • Here are a few non-inclusive examples of voluntary achievements:
    • The on-going and continued mentoring and guidance of members (assists with a new member’s proficiency, helps them memorize their work, encourages the new members to attend regularly);
    • The member’s commitment to the betterment of their chapter and specifically describe the result;
    •  The member’s commitment and leadership to engage our younger members to accept and excel in various offices;
    •  The member’s commitment to the betterment of their community;
    •  The member’s leadership by example and their known high ethical standards;
    •  The member’s work to raise the profile of our Order within the community;
    •  The member’s willingness to help others who need assistance;
      •  Providing transportation (non-reimbursed)
      •  Shoveling walkways (non-reimbursed)
      • Delivering mail (non-reimbursed)
      • Provides transportation to meetings, community events, etc (non-reimbursed)
      • Visiting home-bound members;
      •  Etc.

Here are a few non-inclusive examples of contributions:

  • The member’s willingness to raise money for school activities;
  • The member’s willingness to provide donations for school supplies;
  • The member’s willingness to recognize someone in need and provide a family with a holiday meal (providing the ingredients);
  • The member’s willingness to help children with uniforms or accessories for a school activity;
  •  Etc.


Judging Criteria

Evaluation guidelines include, but are not limited to, the uniqueness of the nominee’s contributions, the impact on an individual, group, church or community, and the methodology used to bring attention to our Order

Award Ceremony

The WOW Award presentations will be held during the 2017-2018 Grand Chapter Session. Details will be provided in the Grand Session material.

Download a PDF about the WOW Award here.